About Me

I am a self taught, San Francisco, Bay Area based portrait Photographer. I specialize in creating custom art for your home with a unique photo session experience for each and every client. My focus is on children's photography as well as maternity, newborns, families, high school seniors and boudoir.

Little tidbits of info I thought you should know before we meet:

I am truly a kid at heart and previously a daycare provider. I love waking up each day thinking about what new images I can create. I love to dress up when there is a reason, but live for jeans, t's and converse. I love to be behind the camera. . . . .just not in front of it. I adore & love all things pink, I love stars, things that sparkle and animals. I am a single mom of 3 beautiful kids. My kids truly are amazing. . . .

My oldest, he's 15 and 6 feet 2 inches tall. He loves basketball and is a shoe fanatic! My daughter is 13 going on 16! She loves arts and crafts and is really into Marvel right now. My youngest is 11 and he's a wild and crazy character but always offering hugs and a helping hand. All 3 kids are Honor Roll students and I'm proud of all of them. Lambeau is our 7 year old puggle bull. He's hyper and wild and fits right in. Just in case you're wondering who the fella in the picture is, he's my rock. He's one of the reasons I have a smile on my face everyday. He's my happy.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family as well as their unique style and personalities. Please know that when we meet, I will be just as excited and enthused about caputuring your memories as I am right now thinking about the moment:) See you soon! xo

photo credit: courtesy of my youngest son....not bad, right?!